Hello, I'm Tirth. I'm a Freelance Digital Marketing Executive.

Design and grow your business online with me.


I do digital marketing to grow Business Online

Web Designing and Development

I am providing premium web development services in Canada and am rated as a professional and affordable web designing service.


I am providing SEO services in Canada and provide a unique SEO strategy and the fastest result out of any SEO agency in Canada.

Social Media Marketing

I am providing Social Media Marketing in Canada to get more engagement and impressions of our products and services.


I am providing a mixture of data and technology to make the most successful Pay per Click campaigns in the region.
About Me

I Will grow your business online and get more leads.

In a world there are too much competition, and, your business want to stand out from the crowd, I am your answer! 

I help businesses with creative intelligence, original thinking, and visionary ideas. I believe in honesty, integrity, and hard work. I am extremely passionate about what we do and delivering great results is our biggest priority. My approach looks at your business beyond immediate needs to frame it as an ongoing extension of your brand’s core promise.


Building relationships that works and lasts.

Are you looking for a Freelance SEO executive? Do you need to hire a web designer but can’t find the right person? Well, here’s your chance to get it done the right way. I am an online freelancer and have been working on various projects since 2019. If you are looking for someone who can make your website user friendly and help you increase your business, then let me help you achieve that. My name is Tirth Bhavsar and I’m a professional Web designer with more than three years of experience in the industry. I will create a customized site for you that would be easy to use and attractive at the same time. 


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